Minneapolis Branch

Destiny Johnson

Destiny Johnson

President / Director

Started : February 2019

Advice for someone new : Be a sponge. Absorb absolutely everything. Even if things may not make sense at the moment, I promise you the knowledge is always valuable.

Something interesting about yourself : I was raised and surrounded by successful businessmen and women my whole life. I always wanted to achieve my success on my own. Something that genuinely motivates me is freedom. Freedom to choose what path I take (travel, schedule, lifestyle, career, etc.). My perfect free day, you can catch me in the water. Whether that is at home on Lake Minnetonka, at my family's island in Canada or on a vacation to scuba dive in the Caribbean. If I am not swimming, I am cooking. My husband and I love to entertain/host parties and you can always catch something delicious is the Johnson home!

Favorite thing about your position: I love being able to coach and learn from so many different people. People from so many different walks of life helps gain a lot of perspective. I love seeing the light bulb moment go off in people. Whether it's nailing down 5 steps, having a successful day in the field, building a team or running a meeting. I love to see people really grow and develop for themselves!

Words to live by: Stay Happy

Best advice you’ve received in the business : It is my job to coach everyone on this opportunity while acknowledging and accepting that not everyone is going to take this opportunity.

Your career goals in the next 1-2 years : I want to be successfully running 5 divisions successfully as well as have 15 promote out's.

Mitchell Evans

Mitchell Evans


Started : Mitchell Evans has been involved in the program management and marketing industry for nearly a decade and started with the company in 2016 .

Advice for someone new : keeping business simple is simply the best.

Some thing interesting about yourself : Mitchell is a certified Divemaster and is a proud father to his son.

Favorite thing about your position : working with the most driven and communal team in the industry .

Words to live by: ie favorite quote : “Never lower your target. Increase your actions “ -Grant Cardone

Best advice you’ve recieved in business : the people you work with daily matter more than any other variable in business.

Your career goals in the next 1-2years : We will have 20 more branches built and running at an unprecedented efficiency level come 2023 quarter 4.

Andrew Kieffer

Andrew Kieffer


Started : August 2020

Advice for someone new : My advice for someone new is honestly pretty simple but has helped me a tremendous amount. Take everyday 1 day at a time, your goal being to always better yourself by 1% each and everyday. There can be a lot to learn in any role as well as numerous obstacles to be taken head on and we all can reach a point where it's a challenge to move forward. But you can. Take everything in stride (one day at a time, one question at a time, one skillset at a time) and you will be astonished at what you can accomplish wherever you are.

Something interesting about yourself : I am always looking to get out on the Mountain, whether it's skiing or hiking. I am there first and the last to leave. I am that person who hates chocolate and coffee, but don't worry, it's okay because I will buy it for you instead. I am also undefeated in the board game Clue.

Favorite thing about your position: My favorite part of the position I am in is honestly how involved I can be in the lives of those around me. I have always been somebody who has taken great pride in being able to be there for others, and being a Marketing Manager allows me to now only be there but also help mentor everyone inside and outside the office.

Words to live by: "Mind over matter, pain is weakness leaving the body"

Best advice you’ve received in business : Business is like a rollercoaster, there are going to be high points and low points but what truly matters is how you react when you are at your lowest, as well as how you humble yourself when at your highest. There is always room to grow, especially when your back is up against a wall.

Your career goals in the next 1-2 years : In the next 1-2 years my goals overall are to reach a mark of 12 internal promotions as well as maintaining a high level of profitability that allows me to achieve my others goals such as: Opening up an office for my 5 retailer market in Duluth MN, paying off both my mom's expenses, as well as my brother's medical expenses. My goals can vary between Career and Personal but being there for those around me on both sides is what I set my sights on.

Lydia Perry

Lydia Perry


Started : September 2020

Advice for someone new : Always know where you are going, how you are going to get there, and why you want to get there. Ask as many questions as you possibly can and remember that this business is meant to be simple so don't overcomplicate things.

Something interesting about yourself : Some of my favorite hobbies include wake surfing, volleyball, and hanging out with my friends of course. In the summer when I have free time, I am either on the lake, by the lake, or in the lake as I grew up surrounded by water 24/7. I also love to travel and try new things/have new experiences!!

Favorite thing about your position: What I love most about my role is that I was able to grow into it. I started with one thing, mastered it, and then took on more responsibilities. Along the way I have learned so many different things about both business and I, and have always gotten back what I have put in. Another thing that I love about this position is that I earned it. Nobody gave it to me. I started at the beginning just like everyone else in this business and worked my way to where I am now and that is something that I am very proud of.

Words to live by: "You are the greatest project you will ever work on"

Best advice you’ve received in business : "Change your goals or change your habits." You can't want it all yet not be willing to get your hands dirty or be uncomfortable. A lot of the time people have big goals but are only willing to do very little to accomplish those goals.

Your career goals in the next 1-2 years : I feel like my goals are always changing but I do know that I want to be running a successful, profitable business that is positively affecting the people in my business as they grow into their role - as well as continuing a great relationship with our retailers and clients so we can continue to grow as a company!!

  • Chase Sutton

    Chase Sutton

    Office Manager

  • Chris Marquez

    Chris Marquez

    Corporate Trainer

    "I came into this business with previous automotive experience. I was selected to represent our Car Keys Express contract and was able to merge my prior skills to enhance the standard. I love that I get to be a student and a teacher here!"

  • Ben Thiede

    Ben Thiede

    Corporate Trainer

    " I've been with the company for 2 months and have had the pleasure of working with 3 clients and 2 retailers. I have learned more than I thought was possible in my short time being here. Can't wait to see where I'll be in 2 more months!"

Detroit Branch

Matt Host

Matt Host


Started : January 2021

Advice for someone new : Set goals. Find a balance between long term and short term goals. Your long term goals will ultimately be your "why" behind what you do, and your short term goal will keep you focused on your current role.

Something interesting about yourself :I studied Mandarin Chinese for 6 years.

Favorite thing about your position: My favorite part of my current role is seeing the look on a person's place when they accomplish their goals. (being promoted, hitting targets, etc.)

Words to live by: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." Mark Twain

Best advice you’ve recieved in business : An ego is the flip side of insecurities. Don't try to conquer an ego. Conquer insecurities.

Your career goals in the next 1-2years : I'd like to build the Detroit market to a point where I can hand it off to someone local to manage. Over the next few years I hope to build 5 Market Managers.

  • Hannah Wright

    Hannah Wright

    Corporate Trainer

  • Kristine Allinson

    Kristine Allinson

    Corporate Trainer

  • Jake Park

    Jake Park

    Corporate Trainer

    "I love being in an environment where I'm challenged but always supported through them"

Fort Myers, Florida Branch

  • Jim Bogner

    Jim Bogner


Charlotte, North Carolina Branch

  • Jake Hartke

    Jake Hartke


Accounting Department

Michael Volski

Michael Volski

Financial Account Hub Manager

Started : October 2012

Advice for someone new : Do not be afraid to make a mistake. Give 100% to create results for yourself, clients and the company and you will grow, not just here, but every field/company out there.

Something interesting about yourself : I like to hang out with wife Bethany and Son Charlie, go to the Cincinnati Bengals games and play a round of golf with my friends.

Favorite thing about your position: Working and getting advice from people a whole lot smarter than me. This translated into a lot of career growth that has opened a lot of doors for myself.

Best advice you’ve received in business : When I was young my mom told me there are a lot of ways to go out and make money. Do not wait for the money to come to you.

Your career goals in the next 1-2 years : Have the opportunity to work with another National Consultant and help their org with financials.