Diversity And Inclusion In 2021

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Many clients and companies were not spending a lot on marketing through the pandemic because staying afloat was quite a struggle. As a marketing company, we were assisting firms in developing plans and ideas that would allow them to improve and grow as a team. There were other changes that they had to get through, and most of them were open to outsourcing their marketing which would have ideally made their marketing and branding needs possible.

As a company, we believed that we had the upper ground for any reason. We would combine strategy, creativity and a unique approach to help people trust brands because people do more with what they genuinely believe in. We wanted to work with some brands to assist them in creating a better name for themselves.

Here are some of the reasons why we believe that we would stand out from the rest of the companies working in marketing. We are a woman-run company, and we think there are a few benefits to that. While many protests and other movements were going around, we raised money for our community during civil unrest. Additionally, we organize awareness meetings to learn about the changes taking place around us and market ourselves as a safe environment for all.

We were working within the industry for some time now and have learned a lot about it. We received a lot of feedback, and we started implementing it as soon as we could. We also received a lot of positive reviews, and that is what keeps us going through. DCS believes in the ability to be honest with one another in a safe place. Our employees are one big family of all backgrounds. We use this loyalty to get better at what we do and build one another up.

Many reviews and information about processes were not uploaded online because we were working on changes to our website and improving online systems. However, we prioritize keeping in touch with our clients. We offered a quarterly newsletter from our organization about diversity. We implemented a diversity and inclusion course in our training and a non-tolerance for any form of discrimination.

We believe that these features can benefit your clients because they know that anyone in DCS will always be inclusive towards all our consumers. The primary focus was to make everyone feel welcome.

While we have been loving and going through these turbulent times, there are a series of social causes that are very close to our hearts. Black Lives Matter, American Civil Liberties Union, and the Rebuilding Together Twin Cities have been some of these. We supported these movements and are happy about their turnout. Furthermore, we worked closely with these causes, and we believe that we assisted them in reaching some goal.

Additionally, when it comes to the work that we handle, there were some changes we had to adapt to. Through the pandemic, many of our clients found it challenging to get through the process, while there were some significant changes taking place around us. Companies were not sure about how they were going to get to their targets. We worked with them closely and were able to raise money to support the civil unrest in Minneapolis. We have had many open discussions on how to do better. We strive for open communication for any of our employees, which includes the good and the bad. During these trying times, we have to have uncomfortable conversations about growing. We want to grow individually, as a company and as a community.

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